A Hindi Course Can Benefit You Professionally

Are you interested in taking a Hindi course? You can gain a lot of benefits by doing so. Anyone interested in international business should be alert to opportunities in India. India is growing in importance in finance, technology and consumer goods. You may be interested in working with India because you want to hire professionals. On the other hand, you may be interested in working with India because you are seeking a new market for your consumer products. Either way, India is a tremendous resource for those interested in international commerce. And those people need to seriously consider taking a Hindi course.

India is just too important as a resource to ignore. Indians are working in finance, technology, medicine and other disciplines in their home countries and worldwide. Keeping abreast of those disciplines requires you to keep up with advances under development in India. From the nuclear bomb to IT, India continues to make news. It is a country full of talent that is striving to make their talents known.

But if India is an important resource, it is becoming an equally important market. The highly skilled professionals that are such a resource to American companies are merging into a burgeoning middle class. This middle class is clamoring for consumer goods, from cars to refrigerators. Just look at the global splash that was made when Tata Motors unveiled the Nano. The new urban middle class in India has purchasing power and they have wants and needs to be filled by material goods. What else could manufacturer of consumer goods hope for if they were interested in taking their company multi-national?

Now, one of India’s two official languages is English. Most educated Indians speak English with considerable fluency. Consequently, many Americans think that they have no need to take a Hindi course because they can get by in English. That may be true. But consider your response if the roles were reversed. Would you prefer to enter into a joint venture to develop a green energy source with someone who thought all the accommodations for communications had to be made by you? Or would you choose a partnership with a professional who made the effort to speak to you in your native language?

It isn’t necessary to become fluent in Hindi or to go on to study Hindi literature to have a positive impact with your use of the language. Learning some Hindi will allow you to converse with many people if you travel in India. Learning the Devanagari script will help you orient yourself to the written word in the country. And using some conversational Hindi will help you establish yourself as a fully prepared professional ready to do business in India.

The dynamic of the world is changing with India and China gaining prominence that they never had before. There is no indication that those trends will be reversed any time soon. Being able to speak some Hindi will be nothing but an asset for anyone interested in building professional relationships in India. So take a Hindi course, and reap the benefits.


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