Charities – Inspire Giving With Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Charities – Inspire Giving With Eco Friendly Promotional Products

In 2008, in the midst of an economic recession, over $300 billion were graciously donated to charities in the United States. Religious groups and special foundations alike work year round to enlist proactive philanthropists and selfless volunteers. To gain support for your cause and to reward the giving individuals of any given charity why not use items that will give back to the environment too? When you make the righteous choice to use eco friendly promotional products to benefit your charity you’ll inspire the masses while promoting sustainability.

Individuals donate their precious time and money to charities that they trust. When you use environmentally friendly products at awareness events and charity benefits, recipients will feel appreciated and your reputation will blossom. Now, your reputable foundation will grow as even more generous donations of time and money are granted. Using environmentally friendly promotional products shows potential benefactors that your organization takes care of the environment. This illustrates that you will fight for your cause with unwavering dedication just like you actively dedicate yourself to going green.

Once you’ve established yourself as a leader in the non-profit community, supporters will flock to you but the work is not yet done. Year after year, charities must maintain their relations with philanthropists and other donors. Keeping to the historic trend, 75% of the donations garnered in 2008 came from individuals. These generous benefactors must be inspired to keep donating to your charity through the work that you do in order to plan for future projects and campaigns.

A custom bamboo photo album filled with photographs of your yearly events and special missions is the perfect way to remind donors of where their money is going. Include images of the classroom full of children that your benefactors helped fund in a third world country. Showcase the smiling faces of volunteers as they harvest vegetables on a local farm for the community. Regardless of your charity type, these eco friendly items will make donors feel connected even if their donations are being used thousands of miles away. This is the perfect way to preserve your relationship with valued benefactors.

To create a stir at charity events, eco-friendly apparel is always encouraged. What better way to celebrate your great cause then by uniting in your apparel. Your mission statement or special logo imprinted on shirts or jackets will instill feelings of self worth in all recipients. This promotional eco-friendly apparel will also serve as a great walking billboard as recipients wear it over and over again, each time taking pride in your charity. With organic apparel that won’t harm the Earth, you’ll encourage green charities worldwide to partner with your own praiseworthy cause. With trustworthy partnerships and enthusiastic volunteers any charity can thrive, even through the tough times.

As the recession continues, we are constantly reminded to cherish what we have. When we do this the outstretching of time and money seems to happen naturally. Through your own example, people will realize that giving to others is the best gift you can give yourself. By choosing eco friendly promotional products you’re giving back to the environment as well. Whether you’re planning an event for your local parish or assembling care packages for babies and elders, choose environmentally friendly items and celebrate your everlasting charity. For other great giveaway ideas browse these non profit trade show giveaways.


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