Indian Hindi Newspapers

Hindi is the mother tongue of every Indian and also the binding language of India. Despite the presence of various regional languages Hindi is the only language which is spoken all over India whether it southern India or northern India. Majority of the Indian population is highly comfortable in speaking and even reading Hindi language. That’s why Indian Hindi newspapers are very popular.

Indian Hindi newspapers got a new lease of life when various English dailies launched their Hindi versions. This launch saw the emergence of various Indian Hindi newspapers which took the Indian population with a stride. Among all these Indian Hindi newspapers Dainik Bhaskar steals the show. Dainik Bhaskar is one of the India’s most popular and widely read Hindi newspapers. According to few experts it’s the Dainik Bhaskar only that revived Indian Hindi newspaper and gave it a new look.

Nowadays Indian Hindi newspapers are giving tough competition to even English newspapers as majority Indian population now prefer to read Hindi newspaper. Seeing this grown popularity many Indian advertising agencies started paying added attention to Indian Hindi newspapers and this led to the increase in revenue generation. Indian Hindi newspapers too have reformed themselves as now instead of providing simple and just news they now concentrate more on infotainment.

This means they give equal weightage to news as well as entertainment. To make it more exciting now majority Indian Hindi newspapers are in color with loads of graphics, pictures and spice. Also they carry additional supplements that carry information and news related to movies, cuisine, home decoration, quiz, games and many more. Moreover there is a sudden rise in the population reading Indian Hindi newspapers makes it an effective medium for advertising and public relation.


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